Natura Vojo blankigi Dentoj Facila

If you want to natura maniero blankigi dentojnwithout buying all those expensive kits, nur reiri al tempo pasinta. Uzi hejmo rimedoj kiuj avino kaj panjo probable jam scias. Se estas doloregas, doloro, tranĉo, aŭ io alia, there always was a solution or cure hiding out in the cupboard somewhere. Same applies to teeth whitening. Consider natura maniero blankigi dentojn below and be amazed of the results ones used.

If you love strawberries and of course are not allergic to it, make some strawberry shortcake and whiten your teeth at the same time. Strawberry is a natura maniero blankigi dentojn. Just cut a large strawberry in half and place in your mouth. Make sure the inside is inside your mouth. Rub all that yummy strawberry juice and strawberry all over your teeth until they are all covered in pink. Wait a good ten minutes and then use your toothpaste. Your toothpaste of course should be all natural and no abrasives or other harmful effects. Depending on how white you want, do this twice a day when you brush twice a day. Have patience, every day you will see naturally whiter teeth. This also will help with coffee stains and anything else to reduce the stains on your teeth.

You may have heard of baking soda for your teeth. If you have not, then you are very, very young. Anyone over forty to fifty years old knows mom or grandma that baking soda is natura maniero blankigi dentojn by just brushing your teeth. Yes, maybe toothpaste was used. But, if you had older generation parents, baking soda was always on the list. Yes it really does work and is non abrasive. Only use a quarter when brushing your teeth as this is a natura maniero blankigi dentojn. Just get your toothbrush wet and dip it into the baking soda. After brushing to remove the taste, use all natural mouth wash for that clean minty feeling. Now, you just learned a very old fashioned natura maniero blankigi dentojnat home.

We all use vinegar to clean with. The cleaning products you buy have vinegar in it somewhere, if they are truly natural. Anyway, natura maniero blankigi dentojn ĉe home, use only white vinegar and about half a cup. Also add about a tablespoon of salt if you wish. The salt helps tighten up your gums that are sensitive and bleeding. It is a natural remedy to help. Antaŭ iri dormi ĉe nokto, just use it as mouthwash and rinse thoroughly. Your teeth will become stronger and show a beautiful smile.

If you truly are lazy and learning all those methods how to whiten teeth at home looks too hard, just use mint toothpaste. Use it at least two to three times a day. Your teeth will definitely be sparkling very fast. You can as well surf over the internet to gather more information regarding the ideas about the natura maniero blankigi dentojn.